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HI Everyone!  A very Happy Christmas to you all. Thank you to everyone who has been a part of Vicki Hill Women’s Health & Training in 2017. I hope you have all found my never ending reminder of ‘Engage your Core’, ‘Think Pelvic Floor’ or ‘Exhale on Exertion’ useful!!

I hope you had a great 2017 as I did, I got married for one!!  My business is growing all the time with loads of different classes on offer and I  have really focused on my own education and learning and have become a  Burrell Education’s Holistic Core Restore(R) Coach. My Everywoman Holistic Core Restore courses have been such a success and I have loved teaching them seeing such great results … ” It made me understand my pelvic floor and the process of what I needed to do to get it back on track. I noticed results within the first 2 weeks of the course.” (January course is now full so get in touch for the March course)

You may have also noticed that I have re-branded and got a new website!! Everything I had before was from when I first set up as a PT 11 years ago (eek!!) and I feel I have been on a massive journey with my learning as I have moved on from being a PT to really specialising in Women’s health and fitness.

In 2018 my aim is to really spread the word about exercising with a diastasis and pelvic floor weakness or prolapses. As a client said…. ‘Vicki is so passionate about women’s health it was hard not to be inspired. I really IMG_3764feel like my attitude towards my body has changed. I feel more connected and confident with how my body works and what I need to do to improve it.’  So, I am aiming to hold talks about ‘The Pelvic Floor’ and how to connect & strengthen the core and pelvic floor for anyone wanting to know!!

Look out for my blogs on Womens Health and please do get in touch or ask about anything you may have queries about – running and the pelvic floor is the next blog!!!!

Have a wonderful, wonderful Christmas and lets raise a glass of fizz to a healthy and happy 2018



Join Vicki Hill Personal Training in 2017!

Most of you have been to Buggyfit, Core & Restore, Mums Bums & Tums or my evening fitness classes at some point over the years.  It is always great to hear from one of my Buggyfit mums saying she has had no. 2 (or no. 3!) child and is coming back to classes!!

Those who came 8 years ago would come to a totally different Buggyfit or MBT class than back then – now research has shown you shouldn’t run with a new baby in the buggy till they are 7 months!  I think I have always advised not to run until you are at least 13/14 weeks post natal – that is still true and even more so if you have any pelvic floor weakness or a diastasis.

If you come to ANY of my classes no matter how old your children are I will always still check and see how your abs are, ask you to fill out a form so I can see if you have any niggles and I will ALWAYS talk about the pelvic floor.  I do a number of outdoor and indoor classes so if you are interested then have a look at my website  (watch this space my new one is coming in 2017).  I will always look after you at my classes ensuring you don’t make a bulging tummy that has still got a gap down the Linear Alba worse and can talk to you about any pelvic floor issues you may have. 2016 saw the arrival of the Post School Drop Off classes every Tuesday and Thursday at 9.15  – 9.45am which is perfect if you just want a quick, effective workout.  Get in touch if you want more information (NOT Suitable for new mums – only 10 months post & if no issues).  img_19971

Thank you to Nicola who has had this to say about my classes ….

“Working with Vicki has totally changed my attitude to fitness. I used to think fitness was something only sporty people did. Post baby and after suffering from a bad back she helped me realise that being strong and healthy isn’t about sport, it’s about your well-being. Not only is she motivating she also brings a sense of fun to all her classes, and her passion for women’s health really comes across in everything she does.” 

How to survive the Christmas Season!

Are you an old hand at celebrating Christmas with a few too many drinks parties? Or a new mum having a few celebratory drinks with your NCT friends? Here are a few little health tips to not spoil your fun with family and friends this Chrimbo:

  1. Drink water – alternate alcoholic drinks with a glass of water with fresh lemon. Or have a large glass before you go to bed!
  2. Eat before going out – if you haven’t eaten then you really will eat all the sausage rolls, crisps & dry roasted peanuts going.
  3. Eat your greens… especially Sprouts! Sprouts actually helps the body to detoxify  – so fry them up with fresh ginger & garlic YUM & good for you! If you can’t stand them then just try and eat broccoli, Kale, Cabbage at some point each day.
  4. Give yourself permission to say NO! If you are feeling run down and really don’t feel like having to cook for friends or go to a party then just say NO.  Listen to your body and don’t get even more run down by doing things as you feel you should!
  5. Get the whole family out for a walk – especially on crisp, sunny days.  It will do you all the world of good and make you feel better.  Even if the weather isn’t great, layer up, put the wellies and coat on and get out for an hour!  img_18491
  6. Don’t give you yourself a hard time for not exercising  – you will just put more pressure on yourself, stress & say sod it and eat more!!  Just try and get a little exercise in at some point over the break – if hubby is ok to have the kids for a short while then just get out – walk, run or cycle or whatever you enjoy doing & get some ‘me’ time too!
  7. Try not to say ‘Sod it, it’s Christmas I’ll start my diet in the New Year’!!! For one DIETS DO NOT WORK!!!!! New Year resolutions hardly ever last!  So just try and moderate and if you have a really piggy day then just try not to eat as much the following day!  If you can just moderate, yes even over Christmas  – have a good day after a not so good day!!
  8. Enjoy, be happy and try not to let the turkey stress you out!!! HAPPY CHRISTMAS!
  9. xmas

September … new term, new focus and new ambitions?

img_6317Hi, I hope you have all had a fantastic summer whether camping in the UK or holidaying somewhere further afield. I hope you have all had time to chill, enjoy being with your family (hope the kids didn’t argue too much!!) and just regained your energy and love of life!!! I had an amazing time with my sister and brothers and their families in Zimbabwe to celebrate my sister’s big birthday!!! For me and hopefully you, it really was a time to unwind, think about what I want out of my time/business/life whilst surrounded by beauty and amazing sunsets!!! I know it now seems a lifetime away, but it really does do you good to just get away, even for a weekend, to get away from everything that needs doing at home! The Autumn isn’t quite with us yet, go on, book a night or weekend away/camping before we lose the strength in the sun!

Post School Drop-Off Classes

img_1714Over the summer I had time to assess what is happening with my business, who I am aiming to really help and who else I want to support!! I have a number of ongoing classes, but I wanted to make sure I continued offering ‘educated’ classes for all mums, not just those with babies but to continue to offer the more ‘advanced’ sessions. I had been asked a few times if I could do a similar ‘fitness’ class in the day, as the Tuesday and Thursday evening classes I have been offering for the last few years. So, I have now got another lovely group of ladies who have signed up for my PSDO class! Yep, its the Post School Drop Off – literally dump the kids and get a quick effective session done and dusted in 30 minutes.  I’m hoping my new recruits are enjoying it (!!) as much as I am.  As always it is not just about working so hard on exercises that you are sick (not my thing) it is about a gradual program of increasing fitness, overall health & to feel good about yourselves.  I still talk about the pelvic floor  – yep STILL my main topic of conversation, so too is the deep transabs. I offer alternative exercises for any injuries or those who do not have a good functional core.  Nutrition is as always an important topic of conversation and having a private FB page has meant we can all chat freely about food, what is best/not great to be eating as well as sharing the photos/videos of exercises to do at home.  It is a smallish group …. it means I can check you are technically exercising correctly & there are 1 or 2 spaces left so if you are interested then email me

Focusing on Nutrition & Lifestyle!

Finally, as I was relaxing on my holidays in Zimbabwe I was able to catch up on the online nutrition course I have been on!! Not an everyday nutrition course – Optimal Nutrition & Lifestyle for Post Natal Recovery & Healing.  Wow – full of in-depth information about the healing going on in our bodies, foods to eat to support our collagen, muscle fibers, C Section scars & tears, pelvic floor, embryos and the hormonal changes that go on during & post pregnancy & beyond! Meanwhile whilst at my sister’s home in the countryside I was able to visit Gus (my brother-in-law’s) Bimg_6367aobab factory and learn so much about this amazing tree & it’s medicinal & health benefits. WOW!! I now need to work out how I can import the Baobab powder for you guys!! At the factory they utilise & sell every part of this wonderful fruit from the tree (selling powder, oil, soap). They are fairtrade as they depend on all the little communities around Zimbabwe to pick the fruit – hence giving more local Zimabweans an income enabling them to pay for their children’s education (it costs $25 a term to send a child to school).  img_6382 The powder can be added to smoothies & juices, curries, stews or pretty much anything being cooked. It is slightly bitter but add loads of different herbs & spices and it just adds a fantastic nutritional boost.  In Africa it is fed to babies – Baobab milk is richer in Protein, calcium and iron than human milk.  Not only is it exceptionally rich in vitamins and minerals (with 6 times the vitamin C of an orange, 6 times the potassium of a banana, 15 times the fibre of wholemeal bread, twice the calcium of milk), it also has phenomenal antioxidant properties. Baobab fruit powder is great as an energy source, for digestion, for enhancement of the immune system, and for skin health. It also has helps to regulate blood sugar levels.  Look out for it, I think you can get it at Costco. Check it out ..

Updates from the Summer Activities

Wanted to say well done to the runners who took part in the Tow Path 10k series.  Great to have so many of my Tuesday and Thursday night ladies take part.  Wanted to say a special Well Done to Libby, who has been with my running group since it started a number of years ago. Libby not only won the final race in her category, she also came 1st in her category overall (5 races in total).

img_17321Well done to Amy who entered and won the EVB support running shorts.  In my last newsletter I talked about these exercise shorts which support your core & pelvic floor muscles whilst exercising.  If you are interested in reading up on them look at & if you do want to buy them get 10% off by using the code Vicki.

Thank you to everyone who gave me their old bras!  I sent off about 50 in the end which will all be sent out to Africa.  It is a great charity, offering ladies support not just for their bodies but also respect & safety.  Have a look at

Congratulations to the 14 ladies & 1 man who have got up throughout the summer and come to the 6.30 – 7am HITT sessions. Initially they were 3x a week and then post my holiday the last 6 weeks has been 2x a week. It is now nearly dark at 6.30am and we have one week to go. Few! no more 6.30am starts!!  Have to say they were great sessions, a great group who were amazing & turned up to most sessions.  See you all again at that time May next year!!