Current Classes

 Mums Bums & Tums – Intermediate & Circuits

10.00am BS7 Gym
6 week courses, booking required.


11am The Downs
(meet at the cafe) All levels


10.30am Eastville Park
(meet at the carpark) All levels


11am The Downs
(meet at the cafe) All levels

Evening Fitness Class

7.30pm Horfield Common
Over 6 months postnatal only, booking required.


11am Horfield Common 
All welcome. (meet at Ardagh tennis courts car park)

Core & Restore & Beginners Mums Bums & Tums

11.15am BS7 Gym
6 week courses, booking required.


11am -Oldbury Court, Fishponds
With Charlotte.

Running Club

6.45pm Horfield Common
Need to be able to run for 35mins.

Evening Fitness Class

7.30pm Horfield Common
Over 6 months postnatal only, booking required.


10am St Andrew’s Park
All welcome (meet in the car park)

Please get in touch before coming along to any of my classes so I can send you a form.  Thank you


2015 Classes Dates & Times

I will be back to work on Monday 5th January so I shall look forward to seeing lots of you ready to start getting back out to fitness, a great start to 2015!  My present Core & Restore Class on Mondays will become Mums Bums & Tums class – I may have a couple of spaces so email me if you are interested.  This is very much about using resistance to work the muscles harder to get you stronger in the right areas.  Open to anyone (newer mums I would start with the Core & Restore course 1st). Babies come to all my classes (except Thurs eve classes!)

Core & Restore – this will start on Monday 5th January and I am taking names at present for those newer mums who would like to focus totally on their abs & hip stability.  We will be doing this for 4 weeks and then lead onto a Mums Bums & Tums class.  This is a small class, maximum of 10 of you so email me ASAP if you are interested and want the full details.

IMG_0827Advanced Bootcamp class – this is my Fitness class on Horfield Common on a Thursday evening.  This is an outdoors class 7.30pm where you will exercise hard & burn more calories in the cold!  Anyone can come to this class but you need to be at least 6 months post-natal (PN) and have no pelvic floor or major abs issues.  Again please email me for info.

Running Club – this is a lovely running club that I don’t really advertise very much. It is a small group of ladies who just want to run each week with others.  You need to be able to do your homework and run at least 2x in the week/weekend to benefit.  We do steady runs, interval running and sometimes hill runs. It is for any of you who are back to running and can run at least 3 miles, pace doesn’t matter, you just need to be able to run at least 35 – 40 minutes.  A really lovely group of ladies who have been with me for years now and are so friendly and always welcome newbies to the group.  We share email addresses/phone numbers so you can all arrange to meet up to have someone to run with.  Email me for if you are interested.  This is also on a Thursday evening, 6.45pm.

Buggyfit – Mondays the Downs 12.30, Tuesdays the Downs 11am, Wednesdays Horfield Common 11am & Fridays 10am St Andrews Park. Please always email me if you want to come along for the 1st time so I can send out a form. Similarly if you tell others tell them to email me to get all the info.

‘Like’ Buggyfit Bristol or Vicki hill personal training FB pages for ongoing info. on nutrition & exercise updates.

Vicki Hill Personal Training Christmas Classes!!

Party on but find time to come along to some classes too.  My classes will carry on until Friday 19th December and will resume again on Monday 5th January.

Mums Bums and Tums ClassMums Bums & Tums –  I have some spaces for the advanced class at present & then new classes will start in January for new mums or those who feel they need more core stability  – bum & abs work.  I will also carry on with the more advanced class for those who are over 16 weeks post natal & who have been doing some exercise.  These classes are on a Monday morning  – Advanced MBT is at 10.30am and Beginners is at 11.20 am.  You  need to book on the class in advance so get in touch now and book onto it. 1st come 1st served! I can only take a maximum of 11 in each class with babies.  Classes are still a bargain at £40 for 6 weeks.

Runing club in the dark.Running club is a lovely small group of mainly very post natal mums!! You can come along and give it a try, or join up for the 6 weeks at a time.  It is a small, friendly group of mixed ability ladies who just want to run with others. We do a mixture of longer runs, hill circuits or intervals & you do what you can do.  You are then free to join in with the Fitness class which takes place straight after on Horfield Common.  Running club is £38 for 6 weeks.

Thursday Evening Fitness Class – is 7.30pm. Again a lovely group of sometimes too chatty post 6 months PN mums!!!! Chatting doesn’t last long once they get going though!!! We do a real mix of exercises to get the heart rate up and you work as hard as you want to work.  Breathless and hot and sweaty is how you will be if you put the effort in!  Some weeks we do actually start with some core stability work.  This is £36 for 6 weeks.

Buggyfit – All classes are carrying on: Mondays 12.30 on the Downs, 11am Tuesdays on the Downs, 11am Wednesdays Horfield Common & 10am Fridays St Andrews Park.  They will carry on until Friday 19th December & start again Monday 5th January. Get in touch to get the info.

These classes are ALL going on up to Xmas. If you want to come along and try or just do it over the Xmas period then pay as you go. Everyone needs to contact me to book on them 1st at

New Buggyfit Class started

Due to increased class sizes and the demand I have started a new Monday Buggyfit class for all levels. It is at 12.30pm on the Downs, meet near the café. Please remember to email me or contact me below before you start a new class or tell friends about Buggyfit, so I can send a form which needs to be filled out before coming to a class. Remember, you need to be 6 weeks Post natal or 10 weeks if you had a C section. ‘Like’ Buggyfit Bristol on Facebook so you can get updated on all classes.

Evening Postnatal Circuits Class

NEW EVENING CLASS…. At last I am going to set up a developmental evening class for those of you who have gone back to work and are looking for a supported class. You may be 6 months or 12 months postnatal (PN) but you are still PN and you body is still getting back to its old self. You will need to email me ASAP to let me know if you are interested. It will be a Thursday evening at 7.30pm til 8.15pm on Horfield Common. So you will have to be prepared to work out in sunshine or rain!! It will be £7 per session or if you pay for a set of 6 sessions it will be £40. Email me at:

Postnatal Circuits Class

Thursday mornings at 10.30am at BS7 Gym (Gloucester County Cricket Club) there is a post 6 months post natal (PN) circuit class. This is a 45 minute class which babies/toddlers come along to & for those of you who want a bit more of a push postnatally.  We work the whole body and cardio and have a good 45 minute work out with stretching at the end. It is £40 for 6 weeks and we just roll it over if you can keep coming along.  You do need to have been exercising, have done core stability work and not have pelvic floor problems (which if you have 6 months PN then get in touch with me to chat and I can direct you to the right people to get it sorted.)  Get in touch with me if you are interested in joining the class.  Email me at

How many of you would be interested in an evening PN circuits class outdoors (potentially Horfield Common) in the summer?  I get a lot of mums asking me to start an evening class for when you go back to work, so I have been looking into starting an evening outdoor class which would start at 7.30 till 8.15pm.  Please respond or email me if you are interested.